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New Book: THINK! The Lost Art of Critical Thinking...(WORKING TITLE)

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Having taught critical thinking skills to young adults and teenagers alike, I find the skill to not only be vital but also lacking as we progress through the years. The ideas of reasoning, self-reflection, full understanding, and individual ideas are becoming less valued in favor for tribal beliefs. Furthermore, with the experience of COVID-19 quarantine, I noticed a dramatic increase in hostility, biases, and fear (not to mention the increase of suicide). It is in these emotions that the skills of Critical Thinking and understanding is more important than ever.

Therefore, while preparing for the next school year, I have decided to write a non-fiction novel that combines self-help (learning how to think critically), political philosophy, social philosophy, current affairs, and history. Although it contains many sub-categories, this book will be a self-help guide to readers on how to not only understand many issues we have experienced in the past 20 years but how to use critical thinking in their everyday lives.

I will update the site to give excerpts and/or sample chapters! Don't forget to subscribe and if you have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts, feel free to reach out!

The Official Premise as of now (may change upon editor request):

THINK! The Lost Art of Critical Thinking and Understanding the Early 21st Century (WORKING TITLE) is a Social Science teacher’s guide that compares contemporary history (what we experience today) with historical events and how we, as individuals, must learn to be critical thinkers now more than ever before. It is in the lack of critical thinking, inadequate education, and the inability to recognize actual problems, is what leads to disenfranchisement of our society and tear down the very system that tries to keep our diverse society in civil harmony.

THINK! The Lost Art of Critical Thinking and Understanding the Early 21st Century (WORKING TITLE) takes you on an academic journey to see another side of education than what is traditionally taught in our society today. It questions your current beliefs and comprehension in order to help you become a critical thinker. This book is designed to be discussed and analyzed, not only in the classroom, but in any environment.

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