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Jack of all trades...(My background)

Before we analyze certain topics of social studies, I want to first introduce who I am and my background. The "short list" goes as follows: lifelong student, martial artist, soldier, stock broker, wealth manager, entrepreneur, published writer, photographer, actor, traveler, police officer, and teacher. Although I have a degree in Social Science, my experiences is what made me a true scientist of social studies. It was unintentional but my experience in the subcategories within social studies for the most part is something I cherish and hope can pass down to you. I won’t go into the details of everything on the list but highlight some of the crucial moments that pertain to Social Studies.

I was raised in Queens, NY. One of the most diverse areas in the world. I grew up in a low-income home in what was considered the “projects”. Learning first hand on culture sensitivity and how one cultural habit can be offensive to another. I did not like school and teachers did not like me (at least that is what I felt). I dropped out of high school in the 10th grade due to my lack of interests. I pursued my GED in the hopes of going to the Army. I studied hard and after a month, I passed. Once I was able to enlist, I realized I didn't want to be an enlisted soldier but rather lead soldiers. I had to graduate college. So, I studied for the college entry exams and finally got into college. In four years, I became an honor student with a degree in philosophy and social science, got commissioned as an Officer, and later.... resigned. Not my proudest moment. I had a rude awakening about life and decided to focus on another career, a career in Wall Street. Numbers was never my strongest suit in grade school but studying economics in real world application and learning about the markets, economics, and overall financial laws helped me pass the Series 7 and other financial certifications. I became successful in my career but again, I wanted more. I became a banker at an international financial institution and later a wealth manager in one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. However, during the economic crisis of 2008, my life changed.

The company I worked for was brought out and I decided to take it upon myself to start my own financial consulting company. In that time, I have published financial articles and began my passion in photography, acting, and directing. I took courses in some of the most prestigious performing art schools in New York City.

Years later, after I could no longer sustain my business and wanted something more than acting and directing, I decided to take my motorcycle and travel as well as write short stories, poetry, and screen plays. I won several rewards for my writing and sold one screen play. When I reached my late 20's, I decided it was time to settle down and I took a civil service test to become a police officer. I ended up being part of one of the greatest police departments in the world and in one of the toughest units in the department. However, firsthand experience made me realize that what I really wanted was to help people grow, not punish those who made bad choices.

I left my successful career in law enforcement, said good bye to New York City, and moved my new family to Florida. Now with the desire to teach and help students grow. This blog is written to educate on different topics and give you my honest observation on certain events. I will make sure my readers aware of the facts versus my personal opinions.

I hope you subscribe and join our Social Studies Buff Club.

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Hi Michael, I have enjoyed looking at some of your blogs. They are awesome! You have have certainly had a lot of interesting jobs and experiences in your life! It is fantastic that you are willing and able to share your knowledge with others and have such a passion about it! I wish you luck in all of your endeavors.

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